“Misión Comida Local” is an award-wining short film we directed and produced, which is still being shown in film festivals around the world. “Misión Comida Local” began as a simple idea; let’s tour Puerto Rico (from the beach to the rainforest to remote mountain farms and ancient salt mines and even San Juan) seeking local ingredients with our own hands, no farmers markets or much less supermarkets, and let’s have a festive dinner party in Old San Juan where we cook what we have harvested. From there, it became a short film as we decided we might as well document our eco adventure. 3 people, 2 days, 1 meal. Then, after a week’s intense planning, the search began on a fated weekend where we discovered much more than we ever imagined about our food, our land, our people and ourselves. About 85%-90% of the food we consume in Puerto Rico is imported to our tiny island. We used to grow most our own food only a half century ago. What happened? Where did we go wrong? The deeper answer doesn’t lie in economics, politics or even so much in the colonial status of Puerto Rico. The more industrialized we became, the more disconnected we were from our earth. We were uprooted and lost the ancestral connection to the earth as our food source. Now “Misión Comida Local” has become a movement to rediscover the roots of our land, which always has and always will feed and sustain us.

Watch & Enjoy here: http://vimeo.com/35660492