Atabey Tours recently participated in a magical ritual ceremony where we played the native Taíno music with traditional instruments made out of local gourds, seeds, flutes and drums along with chants in the ancestral Taíno language. We performed in the sacred Batey; a ceremonial space within the archaeological wonder that is Caguana Ceremonial Park! These Bateyes (Taíno ball courts) are believed to be over 700 years old and you can still see the original petroglyphs clearly carved on the massive boulders the Taínos are thought to have carried from the nearby Tanamá River. Towering high above the river and the ancient ball courts, the 3 peaks of the Cemí Mountain rise; symbolic of a Taíno deity or ancestral spirit. Amidst all this magic, we reconnected with this ancestral energy by performing an Areyto (ceremonial dance) and then we played Batú (a Taíno game that’s somewhat of a fusion between soccer & volleyball). The local schoolchildren stared in awe and then played in the Batey and had the most FUN and educational field trip of their lives! We, at Atabey Tours, were honored to share in this beautiful moment. Thank you to “El Concilio Taíno” for inviting us!

If you want to experience the best things to do in Puerto Rico or are simply wondering what to do in Puerto Rico, before you explore with us the secrets of El Yunque Rainforest, start by taking a pilgrimage with us from San Juan to the mysterious Taíno ceremonial caves full of historic petroglyphs (indigenous rock art) to the Caguana BallCourts Ceremonial Park and finish off with a dive, swim & a reinvigorating baptism like the native Taínos used to enjoy within the subterranean rivers full of natural, drinkable mineral water springs, dripping caves, waterfalls, rainforest, exfoliating mud baths and the calls of the wild. It is sure to be a FUN and epic eco tour adventure of a lifetime in the island the natives called Borikén (Puerto Rico).