Welcome to the soul of Puerto Rico, our Island of Enchantment! If you want to experience the best San Juan City getaway and connect with the abundance that makes Puerto Rico unique, come take a ride with us on “The Magical Mystery Tour”! This is the best ecotour you can take home as a souvenir reminder of our blessed island for the rest of your life. Rain Forest Trekking, hiking, river bathing, swimming, drinking the sweetest fresh water from our generous natural water springs, natural exfoliating mud bath, wild Puerto Rican fruits!, Puerto Rican Mountain Coffee, caving adventures, bathing under waterfalls galore, fun in the sun and rain in the Rain Forest. Beyond the beauty of El Yunque Rain Forest, there is another paradise world which we at Atabey Tours are excited to share through these magical eco adventures that go beyond the conventional Puerto Rico top “ecotours or nature excursions”; these are lifetime experiences. Come explore and have FUN from the bohemian, artistic back streets of Old San Juan to the hidden Rain Forests, Caves and Rivers where the Taíno natives greeted and cherished the goddess of fresh river water and fertility Atabey (Mother Earth).