Magical Mystery Tour Extreme


Starting at $100 | Great for Adults! | Everyday


  • Person – $100 (minimum of 4 people)


8 Hours


“The Magical Mystery Tour” is for the adventurous souls. We can do it several different ways depending on your needs as this is a custom tour. The full tour includes a short trek to a spectacular cave which is the one we have photographed on our website and then a half hour hike through an enchanted rainforest echoing with bird calls where we have the opportunity to spot and possibly harvest several varieties of wild native fruits on the way towards a subterranean river which features natural springs of crystalline drinkable fresh water and waterfalls, canyons, caves, exfoliating mud bath, etc… This is an epic and magical place unknown to most Puerto Ricans and we usually have it to all to ourselves. These are all custom tours, meaning you will most likely be enjoying the adventures by yourselves with me as we don’t like to take big groups since we feel its important to connect personally with our fellow travelers. The “Magical Mystery Tour” is our most remote adventure so it is more of an investment but it’s also our favorite adventure and guaranteed to be a lifetime experience.