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Magical Mystery Tour

Groups of 4 (per person)
Groups of 5+ (per person)

Great for Families! | Everyday


  • $100 per person for groups of 4
  • $90 per person for groups of 5 or more


Approximately 6 Hours


Explore a magical secret 40 foot waterfall that carves a canyon with massive volcanic boulder walls enclosing the river. This is a private access, secret spot unknown to Puerto Ricans. We are the only tour company working here. We have optional cliff jumps where you land safely into a deep river pool (all levels from mild to more adventurous). We also have the option of a purifying Mud Bath deep in the river and we can wash off under a waterfall massage.

For the more adventurous trekkers, we can continue to a small natural water slide where we can slide off a rock into a majestic river pool deep in the jungle. We combine this magical place with a coastal exploration featuring a stunning secluded beach on the way to the river or on the way back. Additional optional stop for typical traditional Puerto Rican food (about $10 per person for tasty filling plates)