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Magical Mystery Tour Coast to Rain Forest Adventure!

VIP Rainforest experience into the Ancestral Soul of Puerto Rico!

Quick Details

We access this sacred land via a private property (farm) which belongs to us (Atabey Tours). From here we have a 15 minute hike through the forest to reach the river. This is a super off the beaten path local area (no tourists). This adventure requires hiking on uneven terrain. Once on the river, we do some wild river trekking (waist deep) and enjoy some beautiful swimming holes and an optional Mud Bath along with spectacular views of the mountains and even the ocean. We even have a natural water slide more up river for those true explorers. All this on the way to our stunning 40 foot waterfall where we can play and cliff jump into the river at all levels from easy to more challenging.

We bathe inside the vortex of the canyon created by the thundering waterfall carving out the rock over thousands of years. On the way back, we take the Afro-Puerto Rican scenic coastal route & learn about local African culture in our island. Pickup and drop off time is usually 12:30-5:30pm (possibly longer) depending on your pace as we have no rush in these magical places. We can also start earlier. I would pick you up in your place in the San Juan area.

Groups of 1-4 (per person)
Groups of 5-6 (per person)
Groups of 7-8 (Per Person)
Groups of 8+ (Per Person)