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Welcome to the soul of Puerto Rico!

Our mission is to reconnect human beings to the true source of life through Atabey (Mother Earth) and to have the most FUN adventure in the magical island of Enchantment. Come with us and discover the secrets of El Yunque Rainforest, deserted beaches, Afro-Puerto Rican food and culture, gaping caves, Táino Indian petroglyphs, visit an organic farm, experience Roots Salsa and Boricua Music, bathe in wild waterfalls and mystic mountain rivers; all this and much more is within your reach.

We’re not a commercial Tour Bus company, we’re simply world travelers like you looking to show you how we have fun the local way here in our island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico.

Choose Your Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

VIP Rainforest experience into the Ancestral Soul of Puerto Rico!


We access this sacred land via a private property (farm) which belongs to us (Atabey Tours). From here we have a 15 minute hike through the forest to reach the river. This is a super off the beaten path local area (no tourists). This adventure requires hiking on uneven terrain. Once on the river, we do some wild river trekking (waist deep) and enjoy some beautiful swimming holes and an optional Mud Bath along with spectacular views of the mountains and even the ocean. We even have a natural water slide more up river for those true explorers. All this on the way to our stunning 40 foot waterfall where we can play and cliff jump into the river at all levels from easy to more challenging.

We bathe inside the vortex of the canyon created by the thundering waterfall carving out the rock over thousands of years. On the way back, we take the Afro-Puerto Rican scenic coastal route & learn about local African culture in our island. Pickup and drop off time is usually 12:30-5:30pm (possibly longer) depending on your pace as we have no rush in these magical places. We can also start earlier. I would pick you up in your place in the San Juan area.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Minimum 4 people
(can also be 2/3 people paying as 4)

$115 per person | 1-4 people

$95 per person | 5-6 people

$85 per person | 7 or 8 people

$75 per person | 8+ people


a waterfall into a body of water

Viejo San Juan & La Perla Magical Walking Tour

A unique off the beaten path local perspective!


Our Old San Juan & La Perla Magical Walking Tour features the off the beaten path one of a kind neighborhood of La Perla with rich local culture and the history of the Forts, pirates, historic battles & inspiring architectural details throughout our walk. Along the way, we share legends/folk tales and the diverse influences from the Spanish to the Moors of North Africa that have shaped this 500 year old city once considered the Gateway to the Americas by the Spanish and their European rivals (mainly the British, Dutch and French).

We also get to indulge in the best local Puerto Rican Mountain coffee on the island in some of the farm to table cafés where the owners grow their own coffee beans in their farms up in the highest Central mountains of Puerto Rico. We focus on secret local spots in the city as well as the iconic classics with a unique local perspective. Our main guide Andrés is a native Puerto Rican who has lived within the historic fort walls of Viejo San Juan for many years. Start time is usually 4-7pm so we can catch an epic sunset from one of the most beautiful spots in the city and in the entire island. We also have an optional private secluded beach spot which is basically a natural jacuzzi in the ocean where we can bathe. It’s a secret spot with magical views.

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum 4 people
(can also be 2/3 people paying as 4)

$75 per person | 1-4 people

$65 per person | 5-6 people

$55 per person | 7+ people


a body of water next to the ocean
Magical Mystery Tour Extreme


Discover one of Earth’s longest subterranean rivers on this adventure into a mythical landscape. We trek about 40 minutes through a hilly jungle with wild tropical fruits and reach an epic river where we can drink natural spring water emerging as filtered mineral water from the rocks, swim in a sediment rich river surrounded by waterfalls, canyons, springs and caves! There is also an exfoliating mud bath. The landscapes here are surreal and almost alien.

$110 per person | 4 person minimum

Alternative Old San Juan Tour


This customizable tour of “Viejo San Juan” will lead you through the historic and mystical colonial city we call home. We can also explore La Perla, the historic, colorful, funky shantytown that is known as the oldest barrio in San Juan, also where the world famous “Despacito” Music Video was filmed. This tour will take you beyond the typical tourist experience and deep into the history behind the walls which have been standing around our sacred city for over 400 years.

$100 per person | 4 people

$85 per person | 5 or 6 people

$75 per person | 7 or mor


“El Yunque is the United States’ only tropical rainforest. It was devastated by the storms. The lower falls have been cleaned up, so you can still hike that part; it’s full of lovely greenery and flowers. I recommend going to El Yunque with Atabey Tours. The guide, Andres Carrero, is an adventurer who has lived in Puerto Rico his entire life. He has a deep appreciation for the island and is super socially conscious. He will point out amazing things that people don’t normally notice and take you off the beaten path. Remember to wear a bathing suit so you can jump in a swimming hole.” —Laura Daen, founder of Mercado Agricola Natural Viejo San Juan


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