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West Coast Epic Coastal Journey and Magic Sunset

Groups of 1-4 Per Person
Groups of 5-6 Per Person
Groups of 7-8 Per Person

West Side Journey to the best beaches and sunsets in the island!

We will explore some off the beaten path local spots in the west coast of Puerto Rico from Aguadilla to Isabela & Rincón. Among the varied options for this adventure we can snorkel with sea turtles, take a rugged jungle beach trek with epic ocean views amongst caves and forage edible almonds falling from the trees which we can wild harvest & sample. We can try some of the great local Puerto Rican foods including some delicious tropical traditional drinks like Raw Fresh-Squeezed Sugar Cane Juice with fresh Ginger and Lime, Coconut Water and/or native fruits. We finish with one of the most breathtaking Clifftop views of the ocean from a secret location where you are on top of the world looking down at the beach and the sun setting over Desecheo Island in the horizon.