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Rainforest Night Magic!!!

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Groups of 1-4 Per Person
Groups of 5-6 Per Person
Groups of 7-8 Per Person
Groups of 9 or more Per Person

Venture into a magic world where very few explorers play. The rain forest at night is a unique and powerful experience that will overwhelm your senses. Listen to the Coquí tree frog jungle orchestra singing, the Puerto Rican screech owl calling, watch the glowing neon green fire flies light up the night skies and maybe even spot some bioluminescent neon green mushrooms glowing in the forest floor of the jungle.

Then, bathe under pristine mineral water from the rainforest for a rejuvenating waterfall massage in the heart of the jungle. This water is so pure you can drink it straight from the source. We will be trekking through the jungle at night as our guide Andres shares his vast experience of exploring this unique ecosystem at night from his many camping nights spent exploring the jungles of Puerto Rico and the magic that is totally unique to the night time rainforest ecosystem. This is a surreal mystical experience for the true adventurers searching for a true experiential high unlike any other.