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Environmental Commitment

After the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017, Atabey Tours stepped up and created a solar energy brigade to deliver free solar energy to the most vulnerable & remote farming communities in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Immediately after the hurricane, our main guide Andres Carrero started using the Atabey Tours Van to deliver desperately needed supplies across the island. These were intense brigades using chainsaws, machetes and other tools to clear mountain roads to deliver water, food and other necessary supplies to hurricane survivors in the mountain villages who were discommunicated, left without basic supplies and without refrigeration for food and desperately needed insulin for diabetics. After a couple weeks of brigades delivering supplies and clearing roads, Andres saw the need and opportunity for renewable energy since these rural communities were going to be without power for over a year!

Thus, Atabey Tours created the solar energy non profit  “Off Grid Relief” along with local partners Alberto Casas and Kamil Rivera. Over the course of a year, thanks to our donations from the videos we posted online from our solar installation missions, we fully powered over 41 houses with solar energy bringing light to over 41 families who were left in the dark without government assistance after the Hurricane. We were able to fully solar power an entire village (Altos de Arena in Utuado) and also pipe water from the natural spring to their homes; thus creating an off grid eco-village that we hope will serve as an inspiration for further sustainable eco friendly communities throughout our island

We are COMPLETELY committed to preserving our source of life by sharing the unique natural miracles of our island in a responsible manner. Besides abiding by the LEAVE NO TRACE principle, we make a conscious effort to volunteer in clean-ups.

Furthermore, in our effort to reverse global warming, we offset ALL our carbon emissions related to the transportation services from our tours (and our personal travels) by donating a percent of our proceeds to CarbonFund where we support reforestation projects.