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About Us

a person standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Atabey Tours was founded by Andrés Carrero after a series of ecotourism ventures in Puerto Rico and abroad. Andrés traveled to Africa (Kenya/Uganda) in 2003 for 2 months where he was welcomed by the Maasai tribe in the Serengeti, witnessed the spectacular wildebeest migration while spotting all of Africa’s famous mammals and performed gorilla trekking in the rainforests of Uganda while experiencing Africa’s ecotourism field in all its glory and volunteering within a coastal community.

In 2006, Andrés spent the entire summer camping in the Icelandic wilderness for 3 months during the midnight sun season. Here, he also stayed in the world’s first modern eco-village working with the only certified organic forestry department and in the organic greenhouses in Sólheimar, Iceland.

In 2009, Andrés embarked on an epic Amazon adventure where he lived in Brasil, Bolivia and Peru. He delved deep into the Andean way of life in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru before undertaking a serious journey from the source of the Amazon River in the Andes of Peru to its outlet in the Atlantic Ocean in Brasil. Along the way, they interviewed and met with ecotourism companies, sustainable harvesters of Amazonian fruits and natural resources, environmental campaigners, autonomous eco-villages, attended ecological seminars and met with native tribes and local preservation agencies in an effort to experience and document the wonders of the mightiest river and rainforest in our Planet and the plight to save the most valuable ecosystem on Earth. 

In 2012 Andrés explore the rugged and remote backcountry of Alaska with a group of friends setting out on a 5 day rafting, camping and fishing expedition to an isolated log cabin in the middle of the wilderness where Bears & Moose patrol the land. At the end of the journey they were picked up by a sea plane that flew them back to civilization.

In 2013 Andrés explore Japan and Indonesia thoroughly, from the coasts to the remote mountains. As well as delving into Japanese Shinto spirituality and staying in sacred temples, Andrés went surfing througout the world famous waves of Indonesia and diving with sharks and an incredible variety of marine animals in the bountiful coral reefs of Komodo Island, where he also hiked with the notorious “man-eaters” (or so the legend has it) Komodo dragons themselves.

In 2016 Andrés went on a spiritual and cultural pilgrimage throughout India and Sri Lanka. After a long journey filled with sacred festivals (including the iconic “Holi Festival of Colors”), epic nature treks, incredible street food (sometimes against his stomach’s wishes) along with profound connections with locals, Andrés capped it off with a week long silent retreat in an Ashram by the Ganga River where he and the group of travelers would bathe daily in the pristine Ganga River at the foothills of the Himalayas, not far from where The Beatles practiced meditation in Maharishi’s ashram where Andrés also visited and meditated in “Cave #9”, the “cave” where John Lennon practiced mediation for over a month there in 1968.

In 2019 Andrés explored the Himalayas from India on motorcycle along the world’s highest road, to Nepal on foot hiking to the highest mountain peak any human being can hike to on Planet Earth, Mount Everest or Chomolungma as its known by the Nepali locals.

Native to Puerto Rico, Andrés has been exploring the island for all his lives and sharing his spectacular findings with international visitors. Andrés is close friends with many of the ecotourism operators in the island and hopes to work together in this field in order to reveal/share and preserve the sacred wonders of Puerto Rico. His vast experience with local and international ecotourism practices paved the way for the creation of Atabey Tours! The company strives to be the leader in ecotourism in Puerto Rico by combining our expertise in the island’s natural gifts along with our in-depth international experience in the field of ecotourism.