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Organic Coffee Plantation & Epic Waterfall Adventure

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Groups of 1-4 people Per person
Groups of 5-6 Per person
Groups of 7-8 Per person
Groups of 9 or more Per person

Today there are families of Puerto Ricans who are dedicated to preserving our legendary coffee heritage in the rich mountain soil of Puerto Rico’s Central Mountains. We will visit one such family whose farm is worked with organic practices and includes coffee, an aromatherapy garden, exotic tropical fruits and hardwoods. We can see how the coffee is processed and take Home some of the freshest, most aromatic coffee you will ever taste.

Then, we have our epic waterfall adventure where we will trek for about 30/40 minutes in the forest as we explain some of the medicinal plants in the jungle on the way to one of the most magical waterfalls in the island. Here we can bathe under an ever changing 40-foot waterfall and get a waterfall massage, as we’ll as swim in mineral freshwater pool. We will return to the coast of Puerto Rico with a much better understanding of the mountains and different ecosystems and ways of life in the island. Our goal is that you return to the coast with a renewed perspective and appreciation for Puerto Rican Coffee, agriculture, culture and our people.