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Viejo San Juan & La Perla Magical Walking Tour

A unique off the beaten path local perspective!

Quick Details

Our Old San Juan & La Perla Magical Walking Tour features the off the beaten path one of a kind neighborhood of La Perla with rich local culture and the history of the Forts, pirates, historic battles & inspiring architectural details throughout our walk. Along the way, we share legends/folk tales and the diverse influences from the Spanish to the Moors of North Africa that have shaped this 500 year old city once considered the Gateway to the Americas by the Spanish and their European rivals (mainly the British, Dutch and French).

We also get to indulge in the best local Puerto Rican Mountain coffee on the island in some of the farm to table cafés where the owners grow their own coffee beans in their farms up in the highest Central mountains of Puerto Rico. We focus on secret local spots in the city as well as the iconic classics with a unique local perspective. Our main guide Andrés is a native Puerto Rican who has lived within the historic fort walls of Viejo San Juan for many years. Start time is usually 4-7pm so we can catch an epic sunset from one of the most beautiful spots in the city and in the entire island. We also have an optional private secluded beach spot which is basically a natural jacuzzi in the ocean where we can bathe. It’s a secret spot with magical views.

Groups of 1-4 (per person)
Groups of 5-6 (per person)
Groups of 7+ (per person)